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Einricht is an innovative App for making and managing contacts. It is Free and available for Android and other smart phones. You can securely send and receive texts, voice and video messages, calls, photos, and files.

Why to choose Einricht:

• No Cost: You can make and manage your daily contacts using Enricht all over the world.
The only thing you need is an internet access. You pay No Cost for using features on

• Group Chat: You can make a Group with friends and colleagues in order to be always in
touch and update.

• Web Version: Using your computer or mobile browser you can use the web version of
Einricht to manage contacts and organize your activities.

• Introducing Yourself: By sharing texts, photos and videos in your profile you can
introduce yourself, your business, your products or services worldwide.

• Arranging Activities: You can effectively arrange your activities using the Einricht

This is the first version. We are working on improving performance and fixing any remaining bugs.



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